Happy Birthday Sorsed

One year ago we launched Sorsed with hopes tracking Internet rumors and highlighting quality sources of information.  What we experienced, learned and witnessed was nothing short of spectacular and we are humbled by the response we have received during our first year of operation.


Sorsed has been used by readers from all around the world and is dishing out an average 2000 search results a day.  Our database has grown significantly and rumors are being submitted by our users on a daily basis to the point that keeping up with the submissions has taken on a life of its own.


But the past is the past and we are working hard on the future.


As you have hopefully noticed, sorsed.com is now sorsed.net. In a few weeks, sorsed.com will have a new holding page up that shines a bright light on our expansion of the sorsed tool.


What we are building is an extension of the tech rumor platform and we are extremely excited to show the world in September what we have built as we know it’s going to change the game on those who dish out advice.


I want to personally thank my co-founder, CTO, and friend, Braeden for believing in the tech rumor idea. What I pitched to him was a simple idea on paper with hundreds of unknowns and he took them and built the engine that drives Sorsed. Together, we have become a great team that is working nights, weekends, and every hour in-between on the next generation of Sorsed and we hope you check back soon as we have something awesome to show you.


Our future is bright and with the help of our investors, developers, friends, family, my wife, and our entire entire support network, we thank you for checking us out and hope you come back often.