Leader board, rumor cards and improved search

Features, features, features, that’s what we have been hammering out for the site. Over the past month we have pushed out a new search algorithm, the coveted accuracy leader board and rumor cards.


As we hoped, when the leader board went live, we saw a large influx of content as authors tried to either boost their own ranking or discredit authors above them by submitting rumors they got wrong. This influx of content helped us to grow the database and we are now at 750(!) data points.


The rumor cards solved a lot of logistical problems we had including how to properly permalink rumors and add a social sharing function to the site. The permalinks make it easier for a third-party to share an individual rumor, as opposed to the entire domain page; we love them.


We have a lot of content in development and the likely next feature update will be an improved submission feature. The submit button will remain on the site but we will be incorporating Twitter submissions too.


In the near future, when you want to submit a rumor, simply tweet “track @Sorsed LINK” , this will start the workflow and insert the rumor into our moderator queue. We hope this will encourage more submissions and streamline the input process by using a friendly medium.


We have also kicked-off work on the advanced analytics portion of the site. Design work is still in process, but we have the first draft of the feature set complete.


The site is moving forward, content is being submitted and we are gaining influence; onward and upward.