Sorsed hits V1.1, new features arrive

There are times when you sit back and wonder if what you are creating is worth the time and effort that you invest into your products. While we created Sorsed to isolate an issue, the end result has become much more expansive than we first, or ever could have imagined.


Last night, Sorsed received its first update since launch (official update, not a bug fix). The update introduces a new feature on the front end a bit of optimization on the back end too. First the front end, author pages are now live. What is an author page? It is a page that tracks all of the rumors propagated by a single author. Now you have the ability to see how accurate any author is in the database, independent of domain. So, if one author starts on site X and then moves to site Y, you can track them on an individual basis rather than their domain.


We have also improved searching, while not perfect (more updates to come) we have improved how it functions based on your feedback. Previously, you had to search to land on the domain page, now, if you search Tech Crunch, you will find the domain page…a simple, but important change. Currently, searching for authors is not active, we have a small hurdle to overcome so you must manually find the link on the domain pages to see the view; this will be fixed soon.


Now that the domain templates are completed, we can begin working towards one of our next goals, the leaderboards. While we don’t have anything else to share on this at the moment, it is in the pipeline.


Over the past week, we have had two important events for Sorsed, one is that our video interview with Robert Scoble went live and that WPcentral is going to use our data for news posts. We could not be more excited to see our data being used to help make posts more robust, you can see how it works with this post on WPCentral. Our hope is that more sites will join WPCentral’s lead and use our data in their posts to help paint a more complete picture.


We could not be more happy with the reception of Sorsed, while the work is far from over and the data base is growing (550 data points!); the fun is only getting started.



Sorsed V1.1 is live.