Welcome to Sorsed, the fud stops here

Welcome to Sorsed and it feels damn good to be able to say that. The site, that started with a conversation about holding bloggers and journalists responsible for the rumors they initiate, has been in creation for 6 months.


What you see on the front page is only the start, with nearly 300 rumors in our database, the foundation has been set. Over time, the database will grow, baselines will be established and Sorsed will become the definitive source for researching the credibility of rumors that are propagating the web.


There is one person who has been crucial to our launch and is our sole developer; Braeden, He has been instrumental in bringing this site from concept to what we see today. He put up with my complaining, tweaking, late night emails, Twitter DMs and much much more. Without him, this site would still be a rough sketch on a sheet of paper.


We have a lot planned for the site, including a custom report writer, API, and much much more.


To the start of our database and an end to Internet FUD, welcome everyone.